Online Application to Hack Messengers

Remote SS7 device tracker

To activate the hack, enter @username or the phone number to which the target account is linked:

AppMessenger lets you hack and track accounts in popular messengers. Hacking and tracking happens anonymously and unnoticed by the target user.

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    Hacking correspondence and tracking new messages

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    Geolocation and movement monitoring

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    Access to call history and tracking new calls

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    Tracking personal data of the target user

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    Tools to navigate the account database

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    Export contacts, geotags, documents, and more

App for hacking another person's correspondence online | AppMessenger
Alice Stone


  • 17:21 Hi 🖐 Do you remember what you said about the app?
  • 17:21 To hack my bf whatsapp correspondence
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Convenient. Confidential. Real-time

Available data types

Account hacking via AppMessenger guarantees you access to the following types of data:

The types of data available may vary depending on the specifics of a certain messenger. Each of them can be viewed online in the Dashboard, or exported from the application in different ways.


The approach to interacting with messenger databases allows AppMessenger to track the full message history of any account on any service, regardless of its correspondence storage model. Request restoring old messages from a backup to access all the backup copies ever created for the target account.

Call log

The history of voice and video calls contains information about the time of initiation and completion of the call, its participants and their account data (username, linked phone number, profile picture). If a messengers allows calling to local or international call numbers, the software determines the cost of all the made calls.

Uploaded files

The software sorts the files sent to the chat by three types: media files (images and videos belong to this category), documents (text and PDF files, tables), and others. Media files and documents can be viewed directly in the browser, other files can be downloaded to the device as a ZIP-archive: each chat history can be downloaded, you can also download the entire database of the account as a single archive.

Geolocation data

Web maps are built into the AppMessenger Dashboard, showing the current location of all the devices where the hacked account is authorized. Once the hack is complete, the software starts background tracking of their movements: this information is saved and you can view it at any time, just specify the date and time of interest.

Contact list

The app gives you access to the full contact list of the hacked account. The data can be viewed online or exported as a table (which makes it a precious tool for targeting specialists). You can specify where the data will be imported and then the software will compile it in the optimal format.

Account info

The size of provided data set depends on the messaging app and the profile. The software tracks information hidden by privacy settings (email address, username, linked phone number), authorized device models, payment history, and more.

Permissions on the device

Normally messengers require permission to access device memory and certain functions. AppMessenger uses these accesses to allow users to track a bit more private information: SMS message history, photos and videos stored in the Gallery - the type of data also depends on the service.

Authorization data and verification code

We recommend not to authorize into the hacked accounts via messenger interface, but we leave you this opportunity: in the Dashboard you can request an unlimited number of verification codes, see the current password (for messengers where the passwords are usen). It's important to understand: authorization in the account jeopardizes the anonymity of hacking.

Track multiple messengers at once

In a single AppMessenger account you can track up to 5 accounts in different messengers simultaneously (they can be registered to the same phone number or to different ones). By the way, this is even more profitable - when you run multiple hacking sessions simultaneously, the price of each session becomes lower.


The application provides the ability to track and download all the backup copies of correspondence that have ever been created in the target account. On request the software is able to generate a QR code by scanning which you will be able to open the account on your computer, and you don't even have to log in to it.

"Convenience does not depend on the number of accounts monitored, I was simultaneously monitoring Whatsapp correspondence of three people, and it had absolutely no effect on the speed of data updates, nor on my user experience - the application did not bother me with unnecessary notifications, and all information was surprisingly structured displayed on the smartphone screen."

Donna, us USA
  • 20:52 you know whatsaap.
  • 20:52 can it be hacked?
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    Autonomous hack of Whatsapp accounts

  • 21:08 Or take a look at this
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  • 21:08 What do you need it for?
  • 21:08 to hack the Whatsapp
  • 21:12 I'm worried about my son.
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Hacking Viber opens full access to the correspondence of the account. Including the history of interactions with bots, a feature that has become an important part of daily lives in many countries. Bots are used to pay fines and bills, book tickets, place orders, find a date, and much more.

"I was overwhelmed with a mountain of information, so it was very pleasant and helpful that all received information is also conveniently structured, you can apply different filters and sorting options. For example, you can separately view all payments to bots, and you can sort by date or by amount. Very cleverly done."

Anna, by Belgium
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  • 21:08 By the way, someone hacked my viber
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  • 21:12 How do they do it
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When tracking Facebook Messenger, users can view the account's correspondence history and track new messages. In addition, hacked account histories are displayed in the Dashboard, and once displayed, they are saved there permanently (even if they have been blocked or deleted).

"I hacked my girlfriend, it was important to know if she was faithful to me. And as a bonus to the correspondence, I got the opportunity to track her Stories. As far as I can tell, this is the only spy software that knows how to track them. 10 out of 10, super useful app"

Chris, bl Belgium
  • I think Facebook is pretty safe
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  • But who knows?
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  • LifeHacker

    10 applications for hacking Facebook Messenger

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  • Oh times, oh manners
  • 21:08 Tell me about it.
  • 21:08 There is an app for hacking any messenger
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  • I´m switching to pigeon mail
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The AppMessenger app is the only Telegram hacking solution that guarantees the final result. In addition to access to message and call history, users get unique tools to hack Telegram chanels and groups.

"Who would have thought Telegram could be hacked so easily! Just half an hour of time, a very adequate payment and voila, I'm already reading a person's correspondence live. I have been using it for over a week, so far I am very satisfied. Cool, innovative :))"

Eugene, in India
  • 20:52 Send me an app to hack Telegram
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    AppMessenger: The Telegram Tracker app

    Read correspondence

  • 21:08 here's a good one
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  • 21:08 You can connect to an affiliate there
  • 21:08 and hack for free
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Hacking Snapchat account correspondence gives control not only over personal data, but also over the time: the software is able to track the history of snaps for the entire time of the account, including unavailable publications. AppMessenger has a parental control mode that optimizes the functionality and interface of the application to track children's activity.

"With AppMessenger, I set up Snapchat tracking for my son, now I have some insight into what he is interested in and doing in life. Plus the app shows me where he is, which makes life better for both of us - I don't worry at night and he doesn't get calls from me every half hour."

Lena, au Austria
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    Seems like its possible to hack snapchat

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    Google AppMessenger

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WeChat is much more than a messenger: it is a huge digital ecosystem that touches all areas of life of a person living in China. In addition to correspondence, with AppMessenger you can track any information about the hacked user: who he spends time with, what he eats, what he plans to visit, how much he earns.

"Honestly, the hack has changed my view of the modern world a little bit. I can actually spy on a person in another country just by looking at the browser page from time to time!"

Stephen, ie Ireland
  • 20:52 can you track WeChat?
  • 20:52 Or maybe you know someone.
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    Try this
  • 21:04 Here's a video
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    Enjoy the videos and music you love

  • 21:08 there are different options
  • 21:12 I'll take a look at it
  • 21:08 I like the app
  • 21:08 that lets you hack by phone number
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  • 21:08 Deal

AppMessenger - remote device tracker

Is it safe to use AppMessenger Tracker?

The architecture of AppMessenger is designed with a primary focus on providing the highest level of anonymity and security to users. Comprehensive implementation of two-factor encryption system guarantees the secrecy of client information specified during registration on the website, as well as received at any stage of interaction with the service. The victim's email address, phone number, username or ID are stored in encrypted form on a remote server and cannot be shared with third parties, regardless of the source of the request.

There are several important points to consider as well:

  • The tracker can be launched from any modern device (phone, tablet or computer). The main requirements to your device are to have one of the current versions of browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera) and a stable connection to the network.
  • The time it takes to hack a messenger can vary, depending on how busy the AppMessenger server is. Normally, the full cycle of work (from the moment of launching, to obtaining the archive), takes no more than 20 minutes. Since the size of the archive can exceed 2 GB of disk space, its download speed depends on the quality of your Internet connection.

Watch video

Use the service For your business purposes

The tracker functions in the background and does not affect the normal operation of the device in any way and cannot be detected by an anti-virus or malware scanner. There are no unnecessary processes in Task Manager. Battery charge is consumed as usual.

Cost and payment

You get an additional discount if you pay for several accounts at once or use the service repeatedly.

24/7 support

One account

All possibilities for the basic tariff

99 /usd.

24/7 support

Three accounts

All possibilities for the optimal tariff

237 /usd.

24/7 support

Five accounts

All possibilities for business tariff

345 /usd.


What our customers think of us

Read our customers´ opinion on the Testimonials page.

star star star star star5

I was overwhelmed with a mountain of information, so I really liked and benefited from the fact that all received information is also conveniently structured, you can apply different filters and sorting options. For example, you can view all payments to bots separately, and you can sort by date or by amount - cleverly done, in general.

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

Nigdy nie zrozumiesz znaczenia słowa "martwić się", dopóki nie zostaniesz rodzicem. Nasze dzieci myślą, że są dorosłe i często robią, co chcą. Na dobre i na złe, przynajmniej teraz wiem, z kim wchodzą w interakcje.

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मैं इस बात को लेकर उत्साहित हूं कि ऐप मैसेंजर हमारी सुरक्षा के लिए क्या कर सकता है। यह हमें पूरी तरह से सूट करता है, क्योंकि यह मुझे और मेरी पत्नी को यह देखने की अनुमति देता है कि बच्चे क्या कर रहे हैं, उनके गैजेट्स और यहां तक कि उनके मूवमेंट पर भी। 5 सितारों के योग्य!

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Utilizo AppMessenger para dar seguridad a mis padres. Son mayores y necesito protegerlos del spam y de los malos boletines, AppMessenger es genial para eso. Además, siempre puedo ver dónde están.

instagram Instagram
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Natürlich wusste ich immer, dass jeder Schriftverkehr gehackt werden kann. Was mich wirklich überrascht hat, war die Standortüberwachung. Auf fast jedem Telefon ist Whatsapp installiert, was bedeutet, dass die Bewegungen von fast jedem überwacht werden können.

facebook Facebook
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Oui, et je pensais que les discussions dans Telegram étaient entièrement confidentielles et cryptées en toute sécurité, mais non... Ne stockez pas d'informations importantes dans les messageries, utilisez vos propres canaux de communication cryptés - c'est mon conseil.

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Still have questions? We are happy to answer them: If you would like to leave feedback or make a suggestion, you can do so in the Reviews or contact customer support .

Global customer support

Our team appreciates each customer, focuses on accuracy of service and strives for continuous improvement of the app.


customer satisfaction rate

According to a recent survey, that's the number of customers who want to use the app again. We appreciate that number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that may appear when working with the software.

Can the data from the hacked account be seen and used by anyone but me?
No, you are the only one who has access to the tracked data - it is stored on AppMessenger servers in encrypted form, and the key to decrypt it is tied to your account.
Can I track one person in several messengers at the same time?
Yes, you can create up to 5 simultaneous tracking sessions of another person's account in the same AppMessenger account.
For how long will the app keep track of the target account?
As long as you don't stop it. After you pay for the package, you get permanent access to the target account's tracking.
Can anyone find out that I am using AppMessenger?
No, the tracking is completely confidential, it cannot be identified neither by the user being tracked, nor by the security system of the messenger in which the account is registered.

The software works with all mobile platforms and networks worldwide