Hacking app for Viber by phone number

Tracking someone else's Viber account goes unnoticed by its owner and the messenger's security system.

Specify the phone number linked to the target account to start setting up surveillance:

Universal solution for Viber account tracking - AppMessenger is able to track correspondence, call history or device location. To hack someone else's Viber it is enough to know the person's phone number.

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    Read someone´s correspondence in Viber and track the calls

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    Tracking new activity and sending notifications about it

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    Intuitive web interface for working with geolocation data

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    Tracking interactions with bots and monitoring payments

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    Hacking login and password for the further authorization

Application for hacking Viber by phone number
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  • 17:21 Hi, I have suspicions
  • 17:21 He's obviously up to something.
  • edited on 5:25 p.m. Thinks of tracking you on Viber
    what you think
  • 17:33 what can I do, will deal with it somehow
  • 17:34 maybe I´ll have to hack his Viber :))
  • 17:36 seems to be very affordable
Convenient. Confidential. Real-time

Remote access

AppMessenger is ready to launch at a time when physical access to the target device and its pre-configuration is not possible. The tracker launches immediately after providing the victim's phone number, which avoids the risk of detection as well as many moral and ethical issues.

Fast result

The process of hacking Viber is as accessible as possible for users with even a basic level of computer skills. Our developers paid close attention to optimization and convenience of the service. If you have any questions, our support team is ready to help you 24/7.

Intuitive interface

A remote Viber hack by phone number usually takes from 5 to 20 minutes. However, the values may vary, depending on the degree of network congestion. Multiple cycles of optimization have provided consistently positive results, as evidenced by the hundreds of positive reviews.

100% Privacy

The issue of user anonymity and security is our main priority. That's why all registration data, email addresses, as well as phone numbers, are subject to end-to-end encryption. The possibility of identifying clients at every stage of interaction with the service is completely eliminated.

AppMessenger Tools and features

Hacking software for Viber with a wide range of tools

First let's define what software for hacking Viber is not recommended. The first thing to do is to cut off all applications that require a pre-installation on the device - even if you manage to do so, most likely, the surveillance will eventually be detected. It also makes sense to focus on solutions that allow hacking Viber on Android without root (unless you have such access). If you are going to run a hack from iPhone - look for options to avoid JailBreak. Oddly enough, but after excluding all the applications described above from the list, you will find that there is only 1 item left for both platforms - the Viber AppMessenger activity tracker. Fortunately, this application meets almost every expectation of a Viber hacker: the software gives access to the full message history, can track geolocation, track new activity, and much more.

Access to message history

Hack into the correspondence of a Viber account

The software restores the full message history, including deleted messages. For edited messages, it shows the history of edits. If the hacked user is a member of any communities, AppMessenger shows the correspondence from the moment the community was created. In group chats - from the moment the user joins the conversation.

  • 18:33 Hi 🤣🙋🏽♂️
  • 18:33 Sometimes I think he might obsessed on me 😅
  • I'm thinking of reading his messages on Viber.
  • 18:37 Let there be light!
  • 18:39 See you tonight 💋
  • 18:41 great! 👍 See you then.

Voice calls

Track call history of Viber and Viber Out

Igor Strelkov (2)


Mademoiselle Caroline

Outgoing (2 min.)

Yulia Usova


The application collects all possible information about calls and group conferences: the date and time when the call started, the duration of the call, the number of participants and their phone numbers, the cost of the call (for Viber Out calls). The tool also integrates a voice recognition module that allows you to determine the net time that each of the participants in the conversation spoke.


Track another person's activity in Viber

The Activity Tracking panel is AppMessenger's most flexible tool. You can choose from 4 display options and apply more than 100 filters to optimize your browsing experience. Filtering can be done with learning artificial intelligence: you will mark the data you are interested in and the software will generate output based on the analysis of your actions.

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track messenger activity


Track the geolocation of the device via Viber


AppMessenger exchanges data with Viber servers in real time - this allows you to locate a person on the map with minimal error. The application stores geodata in the form of a coordinate table, which allows you to instantly track the address where the subscriber was at a particular moment of time.

A wide range of features for tracking a Viber account

Each of the tools described below opens up possibilities that are not always obvious to users. We recommend making sure you read the AppMessenger User Guide to maximize the effectiveness of your Viber hacking and tracking experience.

Features of Viber account tracking via AppMessenger

Simultaneous monitoring of multiple accounts

Each AppMessenger user can track up to 5 Viber accounts. The application interface is adapted to display data from multiple accounts at once, but you can also switch between tracking sessions one by one. Please note that it is better to run sessions simultaneously - this way the average price of hacking one Viber account will be significantly lower.

Track SMS and calls to a person via Viber

The Viber app requests access to SMS and call history as a necessary permission. By hacking the target account, AppMessenger is able to use this permission: all SMS messages and call history data stored on the smartphone are duplicated in the web interface, and all new activity is displayed almost instantly.

Tracking and analyzing interactions with bots

Analysis of bot usage history is provided by artificial intelligence. Interactions are grouped into categories: Bill payments, Ticket reservations, Customer support requests, Product searches, etc. The same algorithm is used when tracking new requests to bots - by the way, you can set up notifications of requests to a specific category or a specific bot.

Search for voice messages and photos by keywords

AppMessenger users have access to a unique search tool based on speech recognition and image analysis technologies. Currently, the software generates relevant search results about 70% of the time, and we are constantly working to improve this figure. If you prefer, you can limit yourself to one of the technologies, or turn off advanced search altogether.

Flexible customizable reports on account activity

Automatically generated reports are a convenient way to see the whole picture of what's going on in the Viber account. They present a clear infographic that displays data about the activity you are interested in and tracks the correlations between them. By default, reports are generated weekly, but you can request them manually even daily.

The app can be synchronized with the device memory

The AppMessenger app has an offline mode - if data synchronization is enabled and a browser plug-in is installed (available for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari), you can work with the received data without access to the Internet. Synchronization without the plug-in is also possible, in this case the software will automatically download the types of data you specify to your device.

Bring new users to hack Viber for free

We're happy to give you free access to AppMessenger if you tell as many people as possible about it. You will get a unique affiliate link, and we will credit your account with 20% of the money spent by users who come to the site using your link. The money you get can be spent inside the app or you can withdraw it to an external account.

Alternative way to restore access to your Viber account

AppMessenger functionality can be a solution for users who need to regain access to a Weiber account without a phone number. In addition to solving this problem, they will also find a convenient and functional tool to manage the content of their account: for example, the software allows you to download the full database of the account in one click.

Feedback from our users

Read our customers´ opinion on the Testimonials page.

star star star star star5

Extrémně mě zaujala možnost sledovat interakce s roboty. Jsem rád, že jsem se rozhodl aplikaci koupit, fungovala a pomohla mi vyřešit důležitý rodinný problém.

czCzech Republic
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star star star star star5

AppMessenger managed to surprise me, it is not a data tracker, but an entire tracking system :) I was originally going to read my spouse's SMS, but ended up being able to almost control his life. I realized that I do not need it, confessed everything to my husband, and now we have added my Viber tracking too and use the account together, very convenient!

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Я використовував AppMessenger, щоб відстежувати Weiber моєї колишньої дружини. Я був дуже задоволений досвідом - я з України, тут Вайбер звикла вирішувати багато побутових питань, тож я міг дізнатися про її проблеми і виступити в ролі ангела-охоронця))

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التطبيق قنبلة !!! لقد كنت أستخدمه لفترة طويلة ، ولدي بالفعل عدة حسابات. المخطط هو هذا: ابحث عن 5 فتيات جميلات وأضفهن إلى Viber. ثم اخترق حساباتهم في وقت واحد (أرخص بكثير) ، واكتب بحثًا عن جوانب حياتهم التي تهمهم ، واختر البحث عن الصور. تجربة لا تقدر بثمن. كل التوفيق للمطورين!

saSaudi Arabia
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star star star star star5

Başkalarının metin mesajlarını izlemenin bu kadar kolay olacağını asla düşünmezdik ve biraz korkutucu oldu. Bu uygulamayı biriyle hesaplaşmak ve aynı zamanda bütçemi biraz düzeltmek için kullandım. Hack yaklaşık 20 dakika sürdü. Şimdi neden ihtiyacım olduğunu anlayana kadar bu kişinin tüm SMS'lerini alıyorum.

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नए अनुरोध बॉट की तत्काल सूचना प्राप्त करने के लिए खुशी हुई, हालांकि, नोटिस कुछ मिनटों के लिए देर हो चुकी थी "क्या बहुत प्रसन्न नहीं है - यूक्रेनी में कोई इंटरफ़ेस नहीं, मुझे आशा है कि आप जोड़ देंगे!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that may appear when working with the software.

I'm going to use AppMessenger to track another person's text messages. Will his mobile operator find out about the tracking?
No, the tracking is completely confidential. The software accesses SMS messages using Viber app accesses, it does not interact with the mobile operator in any way.
Is it possible to use the Viber Out account of a hacked account to make calls?
Yes, it is possible, but it is quite risky, hacking can be tracked. To minimize the risks, we recommend that you only log into a hacked account with a VPN enabled, and delete the call record from the call log when the call is over.
I want to keep track of someone else's Weber messages, but I don't have constant access to the Internet. How do I solve this?
At the moment, AppMessenger does not have the ability to receive SMS notifications, but it will be implemented soon. Until then, you can enable email notifications, and use one of the email forwarding services by SMS.
How effective is a keyword search of voice messages for finding name mentions?
As with words, the app recognizes names correctly about 70% of the time.
I intended to use AppMessenger to track a person's movements, but it turns out that someone else's account is registered to his number. What should I do?
Contact support with this issue, we will look deeper into your situation, and then suggest solutions to the problem. We can't change the target account of an already created hack session, but we may well be able to provide a discount to start a new session.
Is the app suitable for listening to Viber calls?
Yes, but it is important to remember that the wiretap functionality is only available to users who have purchased the appropriate package of services.

The software works with all mobile platforms and networks worldwide