How to hack a Telegram account by phone number

AppMessenger is the only real way to hack Telegram correspondence. The software exploits a vulnerability in Telegram's data transfer protocol to gain access to the database, and then scales it to take full control of the account's data.

How to hack a Telegram account by phone number

Once the hack is complete, the following options will become available to you:

  • Viewing correspondence and navigating tools. A compromised account can store thousands of messages, so additional tools are more of a necessity than an element of convenience.
  • Manage channels and groups. If a user who is tracked owns or manages Telegram channels and groups, you will have access to managing these communities and their content.
  • Track secret chats on Telegram. Messages from their secret chats are instantly saved in the Dashboard, and are stored there, regardless of whether the chat has been deleted or archived.
  • Tracking password for two-factor authentication